Cleansing of the face with homemade face wash at least twice a day is very good for your skin. The timing of the cleansing also makes a difference. The skin requires oxygen to repair itself. Going to bed with a clean skin without makeup lets the skin breathe. Also, the flow of the blood is higher at night. Cleansing of the skin during the day reduces the production of the oil which leads to healthier and smoother skin.

Clean your face naturally with homemade face wash

Why not soap?homemade face wash

Soap, being alkaline based, reacts with the acidic skin and is overall very unhealthy. The skin becomes dry due to soap as the natural oils and moisture is removed. When the skin is dry, it gets tight, thereby increasing the chances of wrinkles as you age. While soaps do clean the skin, they do not protect it.

Why not ready made face wash?

The same could apply to any face wash bought at the market. In ready made face wash could have chemicals that are not necessarily essential for the skin. They can be avoided at all costs.

Why A Homemade Face Wash?

The homemade face wash is definitely advisable. The hot summers and high levels of pollution and dust in the air are not good for the skin at all. Cleansing alone is not sufficient. The skin needs to be nourished and moisturized in order to avoid early aging and damage due to external sources.homemade face wash

A lot of skin problems can be avoided with the help of homemade face wash. The mild treatment will soothe the skin and pamper it the way it deserves. The best part of making the face wash at home is that you can choose your ingredients according to your skin type. You can adjust the quantity according to what makes you feel better. The ingredients are available right at home in your kitchen. They are easy to make and can be applied leisurely.

Homemade face wash recipeshomemade face wash

  1. Curd and organic honey mixed well (2:1) can be applied on the face. It is mild on the skin and has a cooling effect. It can be kept on the skin for two to three minutes and then washed off with cold water.
  2. Two teaspoons of tomato pulp mixed with one teaspoon milk and lemon juice can be applied on the face for about ten minutes and then washed off with cold water.
  3. Boil an apple and mash it gently. Add one teaspoon of cream, olive and lemon/orange juice to it. This mixture can be applied to your face and neck for five minutes and then washed off with warm water.
  4. One teaspoon of organic honey with two teaspoons of raw milk will make a good lotion for your skin. This can stay on for two to three minutes and then wash off with warm water.


Homemade face wash works wonders for sensitive skin because of its mild ingredients. Chemicals are avoided and your skin is pampered at home. The ingredients are simple and economic and are always in your kitchen. You know what is being applied on your face as you have made it yourself. Be healthy. Be natural.


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