If you’re the type of person that is interested in the latest trends in skincare, health, and beauty, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the latest craze: homemade turmeric face mask recipe. These unique masks are designed to give your skin more benefits than you could imagine and men and women are beginning to use this recipe for a wide variety of reasons. The best part is that you can add a variety of ingredients to give your skin different benefits. For example, turmeric and honey is phenomenal for lightening, whereas turmeric and cucumber is phenomenal for soothing and brightening. Below are the steps that you’ll need to take in order to make the best homemade turmeric face mask that conquers all skincare concerns at once.

Homemade Turmeric Face Mask DIY Recipe

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you have all of the right ingredients for the mask. First, you will need 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Turmeric has a wide variety of beneficial properties that can help with anything from mild acne to serious rosacea. Its natural compounds are designed to fight against dry and itchy skin, as well as inflammation and redness. You’ll also need 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey. Honey is a great addition to the formula as it helps to provide your skin with natural nourishment as well as add brightening and lightening properties that are phenomenal to battle against dark spots and scarring. Plus, it smells delicious! An option ingredient that you can add is 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, as it offers more antibacterial benefits, which are great for acne concerns, and more moisture.

Turmeric, honey, and coconut oilStep 2: Mixing the Ingredients

The next step that you’ll want to take is to make sure that you thoroughly combine all of the ingredients together. Typically I would suggest using a spatula or a spoon in comparison to a whisk as it gives you the ability to work with the ingredients to create the perfect texture. In the event that you choose not to use coconut oil, you might want to add an additional teaspoon of honey so you can get the perfect consistency for the face mask to spread. If you find that you’re not getting the right mask-like consistency, it doesn’t hurt to add a few drops of water and continue to mix the ingredients until it is perfect.

Step 3: Testing the Mask

This is incredibly important for anyone who is currently suffering from sensitive skin or that typically has concerns with putting new products on their face. As with any type of face wash or cream, you will want to choose an inconspicuous part of your face and test a small amount of the mask before you put it all over. Ensure that you leave the testing patch on for at least 20 minutes so your skin can get full exposure to all of the ingredients. If there isn’t a reaction to the formula then continue with the next steps.

Step 4: Apply the Face Mask

Now it’s time for you to apply the mask to your face so it can start working against all of the skincare concerns you’re currently battling. You can either use your fingers or you can use a face brush to apply the homemade turmeric face mask, though I prefer to use my fingers as it helps to warm the product and really get it into your pores. Ensure that you stay away from your eye region and any other sensitive areas on your face, as it can be quite uncomfortable to get in your eyes.

Step 5: Washing the Mask Off

After 20 minutes of leaving the homemade turmeric face mask on, grab a cloth and dampen it with warm water. Use the cloth to gently rub the formula off of your face in a circular motion, making sure that you don’t get it in your eyes. After you have removed all of the paste, ensure that you wash your face with warm water and dab it with a dry towel to remove any excess ingredients that you might have missed.

Turmeric, honey, and coconut oil offer an ample amount of skincare benefits that will not only help to get rid of acne, redness, inflammation, rosacea, and more, but it also gives your face the nourishment it needs to be healthier and happier. If you’re looking for an easy DIY project to brighten your appearance, this face mask will become your best friend.

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