One of the largest issues that many men and women have with their hair is the fact that it gets dry and brittle. With consistent use of heat tools and using chemical compounds on your hair, such as dye, your hair can get damaged faster than you could imagine. There are also many people who are predisposed to deal with damaged hair over the years. Instead of worrying about buying products from the store that promise results but rarely deliver, consider these at-home brittle hair remedies to help restore moisture and vibrancy to your hair.

Six easy brittle hair remedies to apply at home.

Tip 1: Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Often.

When you use shampoo in your hair it removes all of the natural oils (sebum) that are used to keep your hair soft and supple. By washing your hair too often you’ll be regularly removing essential oils that are necessary to prevent static and breakage. Most people should be taking the time to wash their hair every other day instead of every day as this allows a normal amount of oil to build up to nourish your hair. This is also one of the main reasons as to why some people have an abnormally large amount of oil in their hair, as removing all of the oils can lead to an overproduction of sebum.

Brittle Hair Remedies

Tip 2: Protecting Your Hair in the Sun.

Many people know that a heat protectant helps to minimize the damage to your hair from heat tools, though it can also be quite beneficial when you spend a lot of time in the sun. The harsh UV rays react similarly to your hair as they do to your skin, drying it out faster than you could imagine. You’ll want to take the time to apply a reasonable amount of heat protectant before you’re going to spend more time in the outdoors. This helps to retain moisture in your hair and prevent a lot of damage.

Tip 3: Coloring Your Hair.

Although it can be tempting to change your looks every once in a while, it’s important that you avoid coloring your hair at all, especially with the use of box dye at home. If you do have to color your hair it is always advised to seek professional assistance and talk to a hairdresser. When you use hair dye it puts chemicals into your hair that can cause irreversible damage. This is particularly true when it comes to bleaching your hair as it is an unnatural process that can lead to drying your hair out more than you could imagine.

Brittle Hair Remedies

Tip 4: Applying Olive Oil as Brittle Hair Remedies.

Olive oil is not only a great ingredient for cooking, but it is also a nourishing element that you can put into your hair. If you’re interested in an organic formula that you can make with the ingredients in your kitchen, consider using pure olive oil.


By applying a sufficient amount of the oil into your hair and putting a towel on top, it can help the oils to soak into the ends and roots of your hair. Within 15 minutes you should wash the oil out and you’ll see and feel quite a noticeable difference.

Brittle Hair RemediesTip 5: Coconut Oil.

It can be tempting to spend your money at store bought deep conditioners but they rarely work and if they do, they can be hundreds of dollars. Instead, rely on coconut oil as it’s a natural remedy that you can buy from the grocery store for a couple of dollars. Pure coconut oil has been used throughout history for a variety of nourishing beauty benefits ranging from restoring the condition of your skin to ensuring that you don’t have to deal with split ends.

To use coconut oil you have the same application method as the olive oil; apply it to your roots and the ends of your hair. You can leave the treatment in for 10-15 minutes and wash it out to restore the look of your locks.

Tip 6: Combing When Wet.

The main time when your hair is at its most vulnerable state is when it’s wet, which is why it is advised that you try to avoid combing your hair right after a shower whenever possible. You should consider drying your hair first and then brushing through any knots to ensure that you’re not forcing any breakage. When you’re styling, that is when the most brushing should occur and if you desperately need to brush your hair while wet, either use a comb or comb with your fingers.

And what are yours favorite brittle hair remedies?

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  1. I have brittle hair ‘coz of too much styling and I’m doing everything to restore my hair. I will follow your tip and use coconut oil and as much as possible avoid the sun. Thank you for sharing this, it’s really helpful.

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