There are plenty of hair masks available in the market which promises to make it shiny and bouncy after each use. These products all have chemicals in various forms which is not good on your hair when used very frequently. We all know, chemicals are bad for you, that’s why you should keep reading this article about DIY hair mask.

Why DIY hair mask

A DIY hair mask made with items from home is something every girl could rely upon. Using a hair mask at home is easier as you do not have to spend much and you could do the regime within the comforts of your home, which gives you a sense of satisfaction. It also allows you to explore things which are suitable or not suitable to your hair texture, thereby increasing your awareness about your own hair. It is best to know the hair texture and problems before settling for a treatment.

Which DIY Hair Mask should I Use ?

diy hair maskThere is no universal mask which suits every hair type. There are certain components which could condition all hair types like coconut oil. The hair masks typically work wonders for a particular type of hair and may not work similarly on another type. For heavily damaged hair, coconut oil works like magic. It has essential nutrients and anti oxidants which constantly work on the hair to enrich it. Coconut oil, honey and egg yolk, in right proportion makes a DIY hair mask which helps in soothing the texture and making the hair soft.

A spoon of honey, one egg yolk and 2 spoons of coconut oil, whisked together in a blender can be applied to your hair. Applying it evenly on all parts of the hair from tip till the root helps in attaining better results. Cover your hair with a shower cap after applying the mixture, for moisture retention. Wash the hair after a while with a chemical free mild shampoo for best hair mask

A DIY hair mask for dry frizzy hair should ideally have components which would make the texture soft and silky. Yoghurt is a natural conditioner which has fats in right proportion for making both skin and hair soft. Banana and honey help in improving the texture. Though honey is greasy to touch and sticky, when whisked with yoghurt gets into a perfect consistency for application. Mash up a banana and blend with a spoon of honey and two of yoghurt. This mixture is a perfect intense conditioner for healthy hair.

It is difficult to pull of certain hair dos when you have oily hair. Bdiy hair maskad hair days could get unmanageable with oily hair. A DIY hair mask components should ideally absorb the oil secreted by glands. Apple cider vinegar along with lemon helps in keeping the scalp dry. Honey helps in retaining the basic moisture that is required by the scalp. One lemon, a spoon of honey with a quarter cup of cider vinegar is the perfect combination which works on oily hair. Leave this mixture on for at least half hour for its components to start working. Covering with a warm wet towel or a shower cap helps in better absorption. Applying this mask every fortnight helps in improving the hair quality. All these masks work better on wet or damp hair.

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