DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask

When it comes to DIY Hair Care, there are thousands of recipes you can mix to help your hair grow. Of all the most popular natural recipes for hair care, the DIY mayonnaise hair mask has the best results for the majority of curly hair girls. To those of you that may have never used mayonnaise in their hair, this may sound like a strange idea, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Now for the main part.

Why Does DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask Work?

The goal of using mayonnaise on curly hair is to get your hair from coarse and hard to soft, smooth, and shiny. The active ingredients in mayonnaise are vinegar, lemon juice, soybean oil, and tons of vitamins that are absorbed into your hair to give you the shine your looking for. A lot of women that use DIY mayonnaise masks religiously are into natural hair products only, while some women use these masks in tandem with protein boosting store bought conditioners. However you want to try your mask is up to you.

Read on to learn how to get started.

Why Does DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask Work?

How to Make Your DIY Mask

The great thing about the DIY mayonnaise hair mask, is that you probably have everything you need in your fridge already! Keep in mind that your mayonnaise mask is just that– a mask, so expect to spend a little time sitting with mostly mayonnaise in your hair.

Start by putting mayonnaise to freshly washed hair that is still damp. The best way to apply mayonnaise to your hair is to add it the ends, taking care to avoid the roots of your hair and the scalp. The ends of your hair are the parts of your head that need it the most as they are the oldest and the ones that are prone to breakage.

Once the mayonnaise is applied throughout the middle and ends of your hair, it’s time to actually condition your hair. Get a shower cap, plastic bag, or heated thermal cap and wrap up your hair. Wrapping your hair in the plastic cap is what will help seal in the moisture and vitamins in your hair as you sit with the mask on. The added heat of the thermal cap or a blow dyer will increase the rate of absorption into your hair. Keep in mind that the longer that you keep the DIY mayonnaise mask on your hair, the better results you will have.

Rinsing Out the Mayonnaise Mask

When 15- 30 minutes are up, or however long you feel is the best amount of time, you should prepare to rinse the mask out. While you don’t want to use a harsh stripping shampoo after you use a mask, you do want to take a gentle shampoo to get rid of all of the mayonnaise residue. Do your best to avoid using hot water at this stage as you don’t want to end up with egg whites stuck in your hair.

After you use a gentle shampoo, some women will put homemade hair conditioner or leave-in conditioner to make sure that their hair isn’t dried out by the shampoo. This step isn’t necessary but if you are worried about drying your hair out, I would recommend it.

How to Make the Mask

Many people that want to use a quick DIY mayonnaise hair mask can simply use store bought mayonnaise, however, a lot of women that are into all natural products will make their own mayonnaise from scratch. If you are used to using store bought mayonnaise, try this DIY mayonnaise recipe on for size.

To make your own mayonnaise, you will need apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, coconut oil, eggs and olive oil. The best thing about mixing your own hair masks is that you can always throw in your favorite hair ingredients like honey, avocado, or anything else that you love in your hair.

The Benefits of Mayonnaise

In addition to making your hair shinier and softer, mayonnaise has some serious added benefits for your hair. Mayonnaise acts as a sunscreen and will help keep your strands safe from sun damage. Mayonnaise also will help repair all the damage that has been done to your hair from other harmful hair products.

If you’ve never tried a DIY mayonnaise mask, now is the time to get your healthy hair on!

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