How to do natural makeup

They say that the best makeup is the makeup you can’t tell exists. Natural makeup is meant to accentuate a person’s best features without making it look like they are trying too hard. When done correctly, natural-looking makeup can be extremely attractive and easy to maintain.

However, it’s not possible to reap the benefits of a natural makeup look if you just slap random products on your face willy-nilly. There must be some strategy to all this. If you are still skeptical of that fact, try applying makeup so that it looks natural without having any prior experience. What you’ll most likely get is an overdone face and a mountain of frustration. It’s not always easy to pull off a natural look, but it can be if you follow a few simple steps.

Easy tips on how to do natural makeup

Getting Your Skin Ready to Look Naturally Beautiful

While putting on natural makeup takes time and finesse, it can be achieved by anyone who has the right tools. In addition, it’s always best to prepare your skin before applying any kind of makeup. Neglecting to perform your daily complexion maintenance routine before putting on makeup can be very unattractive.

Remember, you’re going for the natural look so your innate beauty needs to shine through.

To get the most mileage out of your natural makeup, prepare your skin with the following techniques:

  • Wash your face with an oil-free exfoliating cleanser.
  • Use a restorative toner on your face and neck.
  • Apply an oil-free moisturizer to your face and neck in an upward motion.
  • Pat your face dry with a clean towel.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes for your skin to calm down before applying any makeup.

An adequately cleaned and dried face will accept makeup more readily and will blend more easily. Be sure to use only high-quality makeups and brushes. Also, make sure your tools are kept clean. Improperly maintained makeup utensils can cause blemishes, rashes, and even infection.

Natural makeup tips from DIY SpringApplying Natural Makeup in Four Easy Steps

Now that your skin is ripe and ready, the fun can begin. Applying natural makeup may take some time at first, but it isn’t hard to get the hang of it quickly. With practice, and by using the following steps, you should be able to achieve natural glamour with minimal effort.

STEP ONE: Use a Tinted Moisturizer

Even if you have already moisturized after your daily complexion maintenance routine, a good tinted moisturizer can do wonders for your skin. Natural makeup requires the use of sheer products, so your skin needs to be healthy and supple ahead of time. Try to find something with SPF, just to give your nearly bare skin an extra layer of protection.

STEP TWO: Apply Concealer

Yes, even natural makeup requires a little concealer, unless of course you’re one of those lucky people who has perfect skin. Concealer helps to hide small blemishes, age spots, under eye circles, and enlarged pores. A little goes a long way though, so keep it light. Blend as best as you can with the tips of your fingers or a makeup sponge.

PRO TIP: Use an oil absorbing powder if needed to lock moisture in place and cut back on shininess.

STEP THREE: Warm Things Up

Next, apply a warm shade of blush (the creamier the better) onto your cheeks and t-zone. Since natural-looking makeup is the goal here, opt for blush in pink or peach shades just as nature intended. While nature does have hot pinks and deep rouges, natural makeup involves neither of these colors. If blush isn’t your thing, go with some peachy bronzer and dust it on where your blush would have gone. Just take it easy; bronzer can be overdone in a single stroke.

STEP FOUR: Define Those Beautiful Features

Now you get to highlight your best attributes: those eyes and lips. Just be sure to use a light touch when trying to achieve a natural makeup look. Also, stay away from the dark-colored eyeliner (or just eyeliner in general). A little mascara goes a long way, and the same can be said about lipstick and lipliner. Remember while prepping the finer details: Natural makeup requires natural light, so try not to do it in front of a mirror lit by florescent bulbs.

Final Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Makeup

Makeup that is done just right will look like it’s not there at all. When putting on your natural makeup, don’t worry so much about covering your flaws as much as accentuating your beauty. Every person has a potentially perfected face waiting patiently for the best makeup to grace its pores. There’s no reason your only choices should be between wearing clown makeup or none at all. The ideal balance can be found if you take care of your skin and wear the right makeup in the right way.

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