Most people are familiar with just how important it is to wear some kind of sunscreen & care product to protect against the harmful UV rays that can wreak havoc on our skin. Unfortunately, most of the commercially available sunscreen products available on the market today contained incredibly toxic ingredients or ingredients that disrupted the endocrine system. Ingredients that have negative side effects that far outweigh their actual benefits. Luckily, it’s possible to make your own natural sun care products with no real difficulty whatsoever.

Natural sun care

Not only will you be able to effortlessly avoid the kinds of dangers and pitfalls that commercially available sun care products bring to the table with these types of solutions, but you’ll also be able to save quite a bit of money and enjoy far better protection at the same time!

Sure, this might sound too good to be true at first – but after you have used your own natural sun care solutions after spending some time out in the high summer sun you’ll learn firsthand just how beneficial these products can be.

Natural sun care

Natural sun care products allow you to absorb extra vitamin D with no negative side effects.

One of the most significant benefits to moving forward with natural sun care products versus commercially available options is that you’ll still be able to get a lot of extra vitamin D into your body from the sun without allowing the harmful UV rays to destroy your skin at the same time.

The reason that commercially available sunscreen products are so effective at preventing burns and preventing sun damage is because they block out EVERYTHING that the sun’s rays provide. This includes critical sources of vitamin D that can help regulate your mood, improve your health, and help you fight back against a variety of different diseases and medical conditions.

Because we lead significantly more sedentary and “indoor” lives today than ever before the population in general is suffering with a significant vitamin D deficiency. It’s rearing its ugly head in a number of different ways. Probably the most deadly side effect to a vitamin D deficiency is the spike in deadly forms of breast cancer, which is why you want to utilize natural sun care products that allow vitamin D. While still fighting back against the dangerous sun rays and UV wavelengths.

Another significant benefit that you’ll enjoy when you make the switch from traditional sunscreen products to all natural sun care products is the ability to moisturize your skin all day long while protecting you from harmful rays and damage at the exact same time.

A lot of the thick, oily, and really greasy sunscreen options out there appear to do a great job at moisturizing your skin. But the truth of the matter is they are little more than a paste that offers just on the surface of your skin. They never penetrate below the layers of dead skin on your body, which means they never really provide nutrients or moisture to your actively regenerating and reproducing skin cells.

Natural sun care products (especially the ones that we mentioned below) are not only going to work to prevent your skin from becoming damaged by the sun that they are also going to release nutrients deep into your skin so that you stay moisturized and so that your skin can reproduce healthier skin cells in the future.

Talk about a win-win situation!

Let’s break down some of the best natural sun care products you can make all on your own.

Almond oilAlmond oil and coconut oil combination natural sun care products are going to give you a fantastic “one-two punch” to fight back against sun damage. Moisturizing your skin and providing your body with plenty of fatty acids and antioxidants to even out your complexion and give you a gentle tan.

You’ll want to mix both of these all natural oils together in a 1:1 ratio (1 cup of almond oil with 1 cup of coconut oil, for example). You’ll want to apply this natural sun care lotion to your skin about five or six minutes before you head out into the sun.

This will give your skin plenty of time to absorb the nutrients important to form replenishing skin that can become damaged by the sun but it will also allow the upper layers of your skin to fill up with UV blocking agents contained within those oils as well.

Shea butter and zinc oxide can provide amazing sun protection.

A little bit harder to get your hands on when you shop only at your local stores over there but effortless to combine when you shop online, Shea butter that has been mixed with a little bit of zinc oxide is going to help you protect against the sun while locking in moisture over longer amounts of sun exposure.

Homemade Sun CareWhile you’d want to use almond oil and coconut oil together for a couple of hours out in the sun, Shea butter and zinc oxide together can usually provide you with all day relief and protection – though it might not be a bad idea to replenish your natural sun care lotion every four or five hours just to be sure that you enjoy the maximum protection possible.

You’ll want to mix up a batch of this natural sun care with a ratio of three to one as far as Shea butter to zinc oxide is concerned, going heavy on the Shea butter. This is another of the all-natural sun care solutions that will really help to moisturize your skin without feeling oily or greasy. Also help you achieve that golden tanned you’re looking for. Allowing the UV light to do any real damage to your skin along the way.

These are just two of the best natural sun care solutions you’ll have the chance to take advantage of. Don’t be shy about researching other options, experimenting with other oils and all natural compounds. Track your progress to find a specific combination that provides you with the perfect layer of protection you need. You will also improve your overall complexion along the way.

Best of luck going forward!

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